I've shopped at this company for over 15 years. They are very knowlegeable and always estimate materials for a job correctly. I can count on them for a prompt delivery, usually on the same day! They take interest in your jobs and listen to you patiently. I haven't had any bad experience with them.
— Astika C.
H&M has come to my rescue many times. My family has looked to them for our rock needs (etc.) and always receive not only great service, but a great deal! Skip is an owner and is helpful, jovial, and a real kick in the pants! Sometimes they have special sales, like the rainboot sale recently. Who'd have known? What a deal!!
— Lindsay R.
5 stars just isn't enough they deserve 5,000 Stars!

This is a LOCAL FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS. I LOVE to support places like this - especially when they are as AMAZING as H & M Landscape.
Every time I go in here, they actually HELP you! if you are unsure what materials or quantity you need they will HELP YOU figure it out and not make you feel like you are an idiot. Not to mention they make you FEEL like you can do any project. They have a HUGE selection of paver stones, and all sorts of rock, sand, bark and more. I love this place so much I often find myself creating new "home landscaping" projects just to have a reason to go back in. The prices seem competitive and I found many things here cheaper than at some of the big chain stores. I have had several items delivered to my home and the drivers have been on time, and will put the items in the easiest spot for ME even if it isn't easy for them. Forget the big commercial spots when you are landscaping or doing yard projects please go here, I PROMISE you will not be disappointed with ANYTHING here!!!
— Victoria V.
Yes, they are as good as it gets! They are professional and friendly, and always offer good advice for your project. Prices are reasonable, but the real value is in the service. The whole crew is friendly. They've been in business for 50 years! They are a real West County institution. The one star reviews here are a little sour grapes, I think. Yes, they can be a little 'gruff' but they are the salt of the earth.

They have a great selection of materials, and they have the best masonry supplies in the county.

Good place for the pro or home-owner.

Thanks for everything, H&M, you rock!
— Gabriel F.
I have never had anything but positive experiences here. I recently ordered some pavers and came up short. (This was 100% my fault and no one else's ) so I called them and they put in an order for a few more and because it was my fault, I already understood that I would need to wait for their next normal shipment. They arrived in less than a week. This was the day before a planned birthday party so in a rush, I arrived to pick them up. They quickly loaded me and off I went where I completed my new patio before the party.
This was just my most recent visit to H&M and dozens of visits over the past 20 years have been nothing but great. They are always willing to provide friendly advice to an amateur like me. I guess the moral of the story is that if you're a pain in the a** then maybe Home Depot is a better fit for you. The rest of us will choose H&M for life.
— S.B.
I have had nothing but great experiences with H&M Landscaping.

The guys there are straight forward and very helpful. I'm usually in on a Saturday to fill my truck with top soil, rock or this past weekend picked up a fantastic stone firepit... Donny, one of the owners was very helpful at helping me decide on the color rock to use for the pit and one of the other guys quickly came whizzing around on a tractor and loaded it into my truck. I don't think I have ever had a load up take more than 7-8 minutes... Highly recommend this place!
— Shopcrazy H.